DOS Software for Population Historians

Use at your own risk

To obtain a copy of the following software,

1. click on your choice

2. move file to new subdirectory with software name (POPULATE, SMAM, ...)

3. use pkunzip to unzip the program and associated files.

To use program, first try it with an included test dataset. Documentation is also included in a text file with program name.

After trying the test dataset and reading the documentation, then prepare a dataset for your data following the instructions. Good luck.

POPULATE: a population projection program for historians
Where conventional demographic projection programs use refined data to project population totals and crude vital rates into the future, POPULATE uses a series of crude birth and death data to generate refined demographic statistics (age structure, life expectancy, total fertility rates and much more).

SMAM computes mean age at marriage from census data
SMAM (Singulate Mean Age at Marriage) estimates the mean age at marriage from proportions single age 15...50.

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