Table 2. Smallpox Anecdotes in Motolinía, Gómara and Díaz

Cempoala ("esta tierra")
Black slave as sourceyesyesyes
"pegar" (Indians)yesyesyes
slept and ate together-yes-
great sicknessyesyes-
great mortality--yes
some provinces, halfyesyes-
did not know the remedyyes--
bathe oftenyesyesyes
no one to make breadyesyes-
everyone in a houseyesyes-
pulled the houses down on themyesyes-
covered with the poxyes-yes
filled with holesyesyes-
Tlaxcala: Cortés' appointing leaders (Maxixcatzin)
many leaders died of smallpox-yesyes
pox so common--yes
Indians from distant lands--yes
Entry to the Valley of Mexico
smallpox weakened warriors--yes
Cuitlahuatzin died from smallpox-yesyes
leader died of smallpox--yes
Note: "-" signifies not mentioned.
Sources: López de Gómara, Historia, I, 278; Motolinía, Memoriales, 21; Díaz del Castillo, Historia Verdadera, I, 373, 378, 425, 438, II, 379.