Table 3. Life expectancy at age 15 (e15)
colonial Mexico

place, periode15(years)author, method, data
Mexico, 1939-4143Camposortega, deaths, census
Model West, level 1 (e0=20)31Coale and Demeny, stable populations
Morelos, 1530s<30McCaa, orphanhood, children
Teotihuacán, 1580-162013Storey, mean age at death, skeletal remains
Cholula, 1642-9029Hayward, age at burial
San Luis de la Paz, 1745-9433Rabell, mean age at death, burial
... males35 (level 5)
... females31 (level 1)
Oaxaca, (1700-)177733Cook and Borah, population age structure, census
Parral, 1808<30McCaa, orphanhood, newlyweds
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Example: In 1939-41, Mexicans aged 15 years could expect to live 43 additional years on average, to age 58, given the mortality experience of that period.