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IPUMS-International microdata are available free of charge, but their use imposes responsibilities upon the user. To access the data from the Integrated Public Use Microdata Series-International site, a prospective user must first submit an electronic authorization form (this form) identifying the user by name, electronic address, and institution. The investigator must state the purpose of the proposed project and agree to abide by the regulations specified below. If multiple investigators are involved in a project, all must register separately. Once a project is approved, a message will be sent by email granting access to the system. The notification licenses the user to acquire microdata from Integrated Public Use Microdata Series International or other authorized distributors. No titles or other rights are conveyed to the user.

All information will be kept confidential.
All information on this form is required for registration.
Personal Information
First Name: Last Name:
Employer/Institutional Affiliation:
Funded research, other than employer, if any.
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Data Safety Monitoring Board, Office for Human Research Protections, or Professional
    Conduct Committee, if any. Indicate name at your institution, or state "None":

Membership in National or International Organization with scientific conduct oversight,
    if any. Indicate name and/or check box, or state "None":
International Union for the Scientific Study of Population
Population Association of America
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Other academic
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Non-Academic Researcher
Usage License
for Integrated Public Use Microdata Series International (IPUMS-International) and its partners
Please check all of the following boxes to indicate that you have read about the limitations of the IPUMS-International data and you agree to abide by the conditions of use. The purpose of this license is to specify the terms and conditions under which integrated microdata samples distributed by Integrated Public Use Microdata Series International of the University of Minnesota may be used.

Data must not be redistributed without authorization.
All data extracted from the IPUMS-International database are intended solely for the use of the licensee. Under IPUMS-International agreements with collaborating agencies, redistribution of the data to third parties is prohibited.

The microdata are intended only for scholarly research and educational purposes.
These microdata are provided for the exclusive purposes of teaching and scholarly research, and may not be used for any other purposes without explicit written approval.

Commercial use and redistribution of the microdata is strictly prohibited.
Users are prohibited from using microdata acquired from the Integrated Public Use Microdata Series International or other authorized distributors in the pursuit of any commercial or income-generating venture either privately, or otherwise.

Use of the microdata must follow strict rules of confidentiality.
Users will maintain the confidentiality of persons and households. Any attempt to ascertain the identity of persons or households from the microdata is prohibited. Alleging that a person or household has been identified in these data is also prohibited.

The microdata must always be safely secured.
Users will implement security measures to prevent unauthorized access to microdata acquired from Integrated Public Use Microdata Series International, its partners or authorized distributors.

Scholarly publications are permitted, and must be cited appropriately.
The publishing of research results based on IPUMS-International microdata is permitted in communications such as scholarly papers, journals and the like. The authors of these communications are required to cite Integrated Public Use Microdata Series-International as the source of the microdata, and to indicate that the results and views expressed are those of the author. Users are asked to provide the IPUMS-International staff with a full citation for any publications resulting from their work with these data.

Any violation of this license agreement will result in disciplinary action, including possible loss of employment.
Violation of this agreement will lead to a revocation of this license, recall of all microdata acquired, a motion of censure to the relevant professional organization(s) and civil prosecution under the relevant national or international statutes, at the discretion of the Regents of the University of Minnesota and the national statistical agencies.
Description of Project Proposal:
Please provide a clear description of your research project or educational use for the data. This description will be used to evaluate your application.
Data to be extracted (check all to be used for this application):
Africa: Kenya
Americas: Colombia Mexico USA
Asia: Vietnam
Europe: France
Optional: Please check data desirable for future research. Agreements have been negotiated with official statistical agencies. Releases will be scheduled according to researcher demand, resources permitting:
Africa: Ghana
Americas: Argentina Brazil Chile Costa Rica
Dominican Republic Ecuador El Salvador
Guatemala Honduras Nicaragua Panama
Paraguay Peru Puerto Rico Venezuela
Asia: China
Europe: Czech Republic Hungary Spain
Middle East: Palestinian Authority

Contingent upon acceptance of the application, your User Name will be
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